Garry’s Styling Tool Tips

garry-cartoonThe most important part of styling tools – other than the great deal you got on it – is the best technique to take advantage of the extraordinary value you received.

Here’s the straight facts about straight irons:



Flat hair can be flattering – here’s how to get that chic look flat out!

First, plug the iron in. A cold iron can result in cold, lifeless hair. You don’t want that.

Wait for the iron to heat up. But, don’t leave it alone with kittens – cats are curious, but they already have mostly flat hair, er, fur – they don’t need a flat iron brand. They’re already chic and don’t need to heat up their image with our cool styling tool brands. Now, where was I? Ah, yes, the best technique.

Here it is:

criketSee what it says there. S M O O T H. ULTRA SMOOTH, actually. That’s the best technique. Be ultra smooth. That can take some practice, but in no time you’ll have the kinks ironed out.

But, you might be saying:

Hey, I like kinks! Where can I get more?

Glad you asked.

We have the tools curled around our little paws. Hands.

miracurlIt really is that simple. Hair goes in, Curls come out.

Now you might asking:

Can I use the MiraCurl followed by the Criket Flat Iron?

The answer to that is a definite: Sure, maybe, but it’s better to pick one style a day, otherwise there goes the whole day straight out the curly end!

Thanks for reading. Hope you come back for more tips soon.

– Garry